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Since 1986, the company has continued to grow. Now located at Mulgrave, Victoria, the company supplies premium grade coffee and tea throughout Australia. Unlike the founder who established his distribution network using rail and a horse draw delivery, Griffiths now has a fleet of vehicles and a fast overnight service for interstate customers.


Coffee purchased through Australian brokers is sourced from the major coffee producing countries including Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and many other reliable suppliers of quality green beans. Tea is also purchased from responsible producers in Sri Lanka. Our coffee is roasted daily, packaged and distributed to customers throughout Australia. The company’s original strategy still applies – to provide superior coffee blends at a competitive pricing to the Hospitality and Food Service Industries in Australia.


The impressive 300kg roaster, one of the largest and oldest roasters in Australia, is the hub of the operation.


The company is fully equipped to produce daily specialised quality coffee blends in beans and ground form to meet customer specifications to suit all types of espresso and filter type machines. All coffee products are produced and packaged in our modernised and state of the art factory and are guaranteed for purity, quality and consistency.

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