Quality, Energy & The Environment

Griffiths operates to the highest standards and engages in ongoing development of HACCP and ISO standards. This means that Griffiths Bros. stays not only abreast in changing regulation, but attempts to lead the industry in better practices including hygiene, operations and the environment – thus staying ahead of the pack.


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Environmental and Ethical Policy

At Griffiths our commitment is to do business responsibly. We believe that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing are vital to the ethos of our company. As a wholly privately owned and operated company we have the luxury of being in control of our own destiny and understand the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. Our owners and numerous staff members have young families, thus making our mantra of striving to always improve our environmental footprint very personal and not simply lip service.


Therefore the ‘buzz term’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to be an integral part of the way we do business and not simply a marketing tool. As a company, we are committed to undertaking responsible business practices that are achievable, sustainable and inspiring. One of our key CSR focus areas is protecting our environment. Part of our vision is our commitment in becoming the most environmentally friendly coffee roaster in Australia. To this end, we would like to share with you what we are achieving in roasting for a better world, for both gourmet coffee lovers and lovers of best practices in CSR and our environment.


Fairtrade and organic coffee

Griffiths is committed to sourcing, roasting and providing Fairtrade and organic coffee to Australian consumers. Purchasing Fairtrade and organic coffee leads to:

  • Reduced poverty
  • Absence of child labour
  • Increased standards of living
  • Fair wages and working conditions
  • Ecologically responsible and ethically grown and traded coffee
  • Contribution to environmental stewardship campaigns
  • Forwarded community environmental and social initiatives


Sharing our commitment for a better planet

Reducing our impact on the environment and is a continuous evolving process and we update this section with the latest developments at Griffiths Coffee as they occur.


Minimising production waste

We break down and have dedicated recycling points for cardboard and plastics.

We are striving to use only recycled and reusable stock for all cardboard boxes used in packaging.

A number of local nursery’s take our coffee chaff / husks (the by-product of roasting green beans), it seems that they are perfect for composting!

By farm, the biggest waste in roasting raw coffee beans are Coffee Jute bags. These are the hessian bags used for the storage and transport of raw coffee beans. We are in the process of organising for all coffee jute bags used in the production of Griffiths coffee to be recycled into a variety of products. This involves using local producers as well as an initiative out of Papua New Guinea.


Minimising carbon emissions

Our car fleet (including delivery vans) runs on no greater then 4 cylinder engines, with our Managing Director even driving a hybrid vehicle. We also encourage our staff to take public transport or walk wherever possible/feasible.


Minimising energy usage

We employ low energy lighting and high efficiency appliances, turning off power to electrical equipment and appliances at the end of each day. We are also looking into the use of wind power and solar energy for generating power.


Minimising paper usage and print wastage

By evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible and by utilising email for marketing and account maintenance, we have dramatically reduced our use of paper within our offices. We print exclusively with recycled paper, and all printing cartridges are returned to the supplier for recycling. Wherever possible we use refilled laser toner cartridges and not new products. We have recently also introduced mandatory duplex printing, which has further reduced the amount of paper utilised in the office. We actively promote recycling by reusing wasted paper for internal use, reusing files and salvaging stationary.


Minimising the impact of chemicals on the wider environment

Griffiths Coffee use natural or environmentally friendly eco cleaning products to mimise impact of potentially harmful chemicals on the environment.


Sustainable Packaging

Reducing the environmental impact of our packaging materials and brewing systems is one of our top priorities. It is a challenge to create a bag that is recyclable and delivers an extraordinary level of quality. Our packaging prevents oxygen, light and moisture from degrading our coffee. Without the barrier the packaging materials provide, we could not maintain quality or freshness on which we pride ourselves. However, Griffiths Coffee is actively working to meet this challenge head on. Other methods we would like to use are still either prohibitively expensive or just not possible with the state of current technology. We are continually monitoring this side of production and will implement an environmentally friendly bag as soon as it becomes realistically achievable.



We have identified which of our consumables it may be possible to replace with biodegradable alternatives. We now stock biodegradable take away cups and are help to educate our own customers and end consumers on the importance of biodegradability.

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