Tours & Training

Located in Mulgrave, Victoria, Griffiths Bros. is fully equipped to conduct walk-through tours of our roasting and production areas. Griffiths Bros. brand new facilities not only house an industry leading coffee roaster, but also an in-house state of the art lab for examination, analysis and quality control of coffee.


Explore how we go about producing exceptional coffee on a daily basis starting with the hub of our operation. Griffiths Bros. Brambati KS120 possesses precision temperature and timing control to ensure that every roast produced is of the highest quality. Our warehouse holds green beans from exotic locations around the world before beginning the roasting process and proceeding to the green bean loader, channeled throughout our production facility to our roaster and ultimately hand packed and ready to be consumed.


Our in-house showroom is fully equipped to conduct scheduled coffee training, covering all aspects of training, novice to advanced.


Want to see how it’s done at Griffiths or get some barista training from our expert specialists? Get in touch today.

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