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All our coffee is roasted fresh daily. Roasting transforms green coffee beans into the brown product we’re all familiar with. Beans from famous regions like Java, Kenya, Hawaii and Jamaica are roasted lightly so their signature characteristics, or “origin flavours” dominate, whilst darker roasts increase body of the coffee.


At lighter roasts, the bean will exhibit more of the flavors created by the soil and weather conditions where the bean was grown. The longer beans are roasted, the darker they become with the roasted flavour overtaking the origin flavour.


While we offer a range of signature roasts, we can also create a roast specifically to meet any requirements.

Signature Blends

With over 100 years of experience, here at Griffiths we have used our skill, expertise and knowledge to create a range of signature blends using coffee beans from across the world that are roasted, blended and packed fresh daily.


Our signature blends are reminiscent of good friends, great conversations and memorable moments, with a balance of flavours you’ll enjoy any time of the day or night.

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Exotic Single Origins

Providing you an exotic encounter, our range of single origin coffees sourced from countries across the globe will allow you to experience delicious foreign flavours, enticing aromas, and leave you dreaming of your next vacation.


Select by origin, roast profile or flavour and explore the tastes of the world.

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Fairtrade & Organics

Explore our range of fairtrade and organic coffees, which will leave you captivated from the very first sip. Contributing to environmental sustainability, ethical production, fair wages and working conditions, reduced poverty and child labour, these coffees will leave you feeling just as good as they taste.

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Trouble sleeping? High blood pressure? Nervousness?


Our delicious range of decaf coffees will allow you to experience all the benefits of coffee without the caffeine.

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