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Fairtrade Coffee


What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a sustainability-focused movement aimed at improving the livelihoods, profitability and financial health of small producers and farm owners. Many coffee producers and farm owners are based in developing nations and third world countries, with their products bought and sold on a volatile global market. Therefore paying these farmers a fair wage with incentives for ecological practices is the best way to ensure environmental sustainability. Paying a Fairtrade premium also ensures that the benefits reach the consumer and the environment, and that the money & assistance reaches the farmer.


For farms and producers to receive Fairtrade Certification they must ensure their practices adhere to ethical standards including ecologically responsible farming, no child labour and acceptable working conditions for farm workers.


Many small farmers of coffee have lived and worked on their lands for decades and traditionally passed on sustainable farming and practices through generations, acting as the best stewards of the land. This stewardship also benefits the environment through the minimisation of chemicals and pesticides, and combating deforestation.


Why is Fairtrade coffee important?


Griffiths Bros. is committed to sourcing, roasting and providing Fairtrade and organic coffee to Australian consumers. Purchasing Fairtrade coffee leads to:

  • Reduced poverty
  • Absence of child labour
  • Increased standards of living
  • Fair wages and working conditions
  • Ecologically responsible and ethically grown and traded coffee
  • Contribution to environmental stewardship campaigns
  • Forwarded community environmental and social initiatives


All Griffiths Fairtrade coffees are beans that are bought at a guaranteed premium, usually two to three times more than the highest market price for conventional coffee. We want to know that the passion, dedication and hard work that goes into growing Fairtrade coffees will result in fair wages and better living conditions for farmers providing high quality beans to Griffiths Bros.

Purchasing beans that are certified Fairtrade ensures that Griffiths gives back to communities in remote and third world countries. In 2013 alone, Griffiths Bros. contributed $2645.90 in premium to Fairtrade communities. This lead to supporting local communities & workers, investing in local community buildings, increased biodiversity and supporting environmental sustainability. Here at Griffiths Bros. we look forward to contributing increased amounts in 2015 and the many years to come.

Organic Coffee


Our organic coffee at Griffiths Coffee is certified organically grown meaning we source and roast coffee that is 100% chemical free. Organic and quality inspectors test soil, leaf, and beans for chemical residue; as well regularly inspecting roasting facilities.


So why is organic coffee important?

Coffee is one of the most heavily treated agricultural crops in terms of chemicals. Mass production of coffee has seen traditional growers clear large areas of land, predominantly rainforest. This deforestation leads prolonged exposure to the sun, in turn weakening the plants immune system and making them more vulnerable to pests and insects.


It is for this reason that shade is important when growing coffee, with many organic growers producing coffee in natural shade plantations and regions.


If not managed correctly, chemicals and pesticides can be consumed, lead to pollution of the soil and local water supply and harm workers who receive lengthy exposure.


In perspective, over the last 5 decades approximately two thirds of Central America and Mexico’s rainforest has been cleared for coffee plantations.


Organic coffee benefits include:

  • No harmful or super-toxic chemicals on coffee crops creating a coffee for consumption that is as “clean” as possible.
  • Improvingsoil stability and health via the lack of pesticides
  • Re-forestation and minimized soil erosion
  • Taste – with most organic coffee being shade-grown this can impact taste. Coffee is an aromatic plant allowing it to absorb aromas and flavours from its surrounding environment, including, trees, fruits and cacao
  • Supporting farmers in many third world countries who are working hard to provide a commodity whilst promoting biodiversity and creating environmental sustainability.

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