Cupping Chart & Flavour Wheel

Cupping Chart


Download our Cupping Chart and delve into the complexities of coffee.


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Here’s some notes to get you started. . .


  • The fragrance is the smell of the ground coffee before the addition of the water. Among these, the fruity fragrance of a fermented coffee is the most potent. When smelling wet grounds/coffee, the aroma can help you evaluate the coffee flavour and the brightness of the coffee.
  • Coffee flavour is a term that encompasses all of the other coffee cupping parameters.  It is an overall evaluation of the coffee taste.  Flavour means the perceived combination of aroma and taste, with the modulation of the basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, achieving a distinctive cup characteristic. The aroma is experienced retro nasally through the back of the palate as the coffee is aerated in the mouth while it is slurped. A very specific flavour may be highly prized in certain origin coffees.
  • Coffee Acidity is the bright and dry taste that adds life to a coffee.  Acidity is unmistakable in most Kenyan coffees and should be evident in any wet-processed coffees.  The acidity of coffee is akin to the dry but bright sensation experienced on the back sides of your tongue while drinking a red wine.
  • Body is the weight of the coffee that can best be sensed by allowing the coffee to rest on the tongue and by rubbing the tongue against the roof of the mouth.  It is a combination of the fats, oils, and sediment swept off the surface of the freshly ground coffee particles and suspended in the unfiltered brew. Coffee body ranges from thin, to light, to heavy and is a result of the fat content.  Medium and dark coffee roast styles will have a heavier body than lighter roasted coffees, but conversely will have less acidity.
  • Aftertaste is the sensation that is experienced after the coffee is swallowed.  It is the lingering remnant of the coffee taste that often changes over time.

Flavour Wheel


Want to know what the simple flavours of coffee are? Download our Flavour Wheel, print it out and put in on display and explore the different flavours in your coffee.



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